Data-driven football scarves

Last year, I produced some football scarves, patterned with what is (as far as I can tell) a totally original design.

The design riffs on the classic striped scarf, but with an additional, data-driven twist. The colour of each stripe encodes the team’s record (win, lose, or draw) within a given season:

A schematic legend showing how each line of the scarf pattern lines with a match from Liverpool's season. The winning matches correspond to a red stripe, the draws correspond to a yellow stripe, and each loss corresponds to a white stripe.

And here’s how it looks in the flesh:

These are available for sale here (the website only supports UK sales at the moment, but DM me on twitter if you’re non-UK and want to pick one up). Likewise, feel free to get in touch if you want to arrange for some custom scarves to be developed (min. 20 scarves).